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Pool Maintenance and Repairs Based in Manchester, New Hampshire

Rely on us to get your pool in top condition and keep it that way. Rainbow Pools & Outdoor Services in Manchester, New Hampshire, offers pool maintenance and repairs.

Weekly Maintenance

Keep your pool working properly with our prepaid weekly maintenance services, including cleaning and vacuuming. You will also receive an on-site water chemistry analysis and an operation system inspection. Upon completion of our work, a field ticket will be submitted, detailing all work that was done that day. No required repairs more than $50.00 are ever performed without your prior approval.

Pool Openings and Closings

In the Spring, your pool's cover is removed and cleaned, followed by a pool shock with 5 gallons of chlorine. The entire pool, including tiles, walls, and floors, receives a thorough brushing. All pool plugs are removed and return dirrectionals are installed. Hand rails and ladders are put into place, deck anchors are retracted if applicable and all pump and filter plugs are inspected and installed. Once the system is turned on, the pool is inspected proper operation, leaks and any needed repairs. Repairs of $50.00 or under are automatically performed. Repairs more than $50.00 require your prior approval.
Swimming in a Clean Pool-Pool Maintenance and Repairs in Manchester, NH
Closing the pool in the Fall requires lowering its water level, blowing water out of the lines, plug returns, draining of the pump and filter, removal and storage of deck equipment. A gallon of anti-freeze is added to each skimmer and any other pool feature that uses water. After winter chemicals are added, the pool will then be covered.


Count on us for everything from basic repairs to complete operating system overhauls and replacements. Whether your pool is liner, fiberglass, concrete, or Gunite, let us make it as good as new for you.

Above-Ground Pools

Above-ground pools can be an economical alternative to in-ground models. Let us install your above-ground pool as well as liner replacements when needed.

Miscellaneous Pool Services

Take advantage of our additional pool-related services, including:
• Safety Cover Repair and Replacement
• Troubleshooting and Inspections
• Sand Filter Changes
• Deck Anchor Cleaning and Replacement
• One-Time Cleanings
• Deck Pressure Washing
• DE or Cartridge Filter Cleanings
• Pump Repairs
• Motor Replacement
Contact us for any help you need with maintaining your pool.